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Our 5-point approach
We offer the following value propositions:
1. Policy Stress Testing:
We investigate loss scenarios, including mitigation options and
insurance coverage, to identify your insured and uninsured risks.
2. Risk Identification and Risk Assessment:
Our special team of risk engineers conduct a thorough risk
assessment exercise to identify risk exposure and advice on risk
retention and risk transfer solutions, depending on the client’s
risk management philosophy. We ensure that the client opts for
the right level of Insurance.
3. Design Customised Solutions:
As each client differs, our priority is to understand your business,
listen to your problems and solve them with innovative tailor-
made insurance programmes.
4. Placement of Risk:
Based on our relationship and market experience, we can obtain
ideal terms from domestic/international markets to suit our
client’s requirement.
5. Claims Servicing:
We look at claims servicing as the backbone for being the “Broker
of Choice” for our clients. Our involvement begins from the
appointment of the surveyor to claims settlement.
Your Reward.
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