Marine Cargo

The transit of goods by rail, road, sea and airways, offers up a range of unique risks. This makes it essential to have a Risk Management strategy to lessen your exposures before they start posing serious financial and reputational problems for you. Transportation of some particular commodities such as Pharmaceuticals, Food stuff and perishables, Coal, Project cargo requires special expertise and deep industry knowhow.

Our dedicated cargo team is familiar with all and any challenges that might crop up along the way. With an ideal balance of Experience, Technical Knowledge and Transactional Skills, we provide a wide spectrum of services that remain unmatched by our competitors.

Our team specializes in:

General Cargo

We cover a broad variety of clients with varying portfolios on Direct and Reinsurance basis. We are experienced in almost all industry sectors, with our strengths being Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Chemical and Engineering Products, FMCG products etc.

Bulk Cargo

UNISON prides in designing special marine insurance solutions for specialized commodities like coal, edible oil etc. The policy provides coverage for any unforeseen risks that might come up and does it at optimal cost.

Project cargo

UNISON facilitates project cargo insurance for their clients to protect them against damage to equipment during transit to the project site and also covers against delay in starting up because of marine peril.

Delay in start up

In case of a new project, where equipment is procured indigenously or by imports, any loss or damage to the equipment during transit may involve ordering of fresh equipment which leads to delay in completion of the project, commencement of production and thereby loss of profits. UNISON can facilitate the insurance of this kind as ‘Delay in start-up’ (DSU).

Types of Marine Policies

Marine Specific

The policy issued is for a specific journey of goods in transit from any one place in the world to another by any means of and covers all types of cargo against various risks such as Fire, Lightning, Collision of the vessel with external objects. Transit insurance will also pay for loss during Air or Ocean Freight during international shipping & War, Riots, Strike and Civil Commotion can also be introduced in policy for overseas transit.

Marine Open Policy

The policy is issued on annual basis and premium charged on estimated values of transits covering transit from any one place in the world to another by any means of conveyance i.e. Sea, Rail, Road & Air covering direct physical loss or damage to cargo.

Domestic Sales and Purchases transits are covered for loss or damage caused due to various risks including Fire, Lightning strike, Sinking of Vessel and Derailment of the carrying vehicle.

Loss due to any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading or unloading from vessel, Non-delivery of consignment due to hijacking or mysterious disappearance of the vehicle could also be covered.

Marine Sales Turnover Policy

Sales Turnover Policy is a highly flexible and customizable marine insurance cover. Instead of covering a particular type of transit, this policy can cover all the transits that are required to achieve sales.

The policy is issued on Annual basis and the premium is charged on the Sales Turnover. All the legs of transits like sales and purchase, stock transfers get covered under the policy.

Stock Throughput Policy

This is a Single Policy as against multiple Marine & Property Policies and covers Transit and Stock Exposures from raw material to final product under a single policy.

The policy is issued on Annual basis and the premium is charged on the Sales Turnover. All the legs of transits like Sales and Purchase, Stock transfers get covered under the policy. Additionally the policy covers the STORAGE RISKS of stocks at all declared warehouses .

We offer a dedicated team to our clients in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the Global Supply Chain, which is both complex and evolving. Our ability to customize products to suit the individual needs, help keep our clients at the front of the pack in any given scenario.

We are well connected with highly rated international insurers and can leverage our global resources and knowhow to craft the most optimal solutions for our clients. Our long-term relationship with insurers around the world allows us to negotiate comprehensive coverage at the best possible price.